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NFL Jerseys China Cheap Carifesta Avenue
– Minister indicates willingness to discuss piracy of textbooksGovernment, in its quest to ensure that education is equitable, has been striving to ensure that all children, irrespective of disability, gender,Wholesale Hockey Jerseys China, race or geographic location, are served. At least this is according to Minister of Education, Ms. Priya Manickchand, as she presented the feature address at the opening ceremony of her Ministry’s ‘Inclusive Education Expo’ yesterday.The event which comes as part of the Ministry’s Education Month activities was held at the Education Sports Complex Ground, Carifesta Avenue, Georgetown.Students being apprised about inclusive educationIn her remarks, Manickchand noted that the Ministry is working tirelessly to ensure that the needs of special needs children are met, even as she pointed out that the United Nations has recognised that Guyana is doing well in its delivery of education.“We have heard from UNICEF that Guyana is doing very well. UNICEF says that, not the Government! UNICEF says that Guyana is leading the way in early childhood education and that Guyana has recognised its problem regarding dropouts and has indeed begun to address those problems.”The Minister in her remarks also took a swipe at the media which, according to her, have been seeking to publish, in abundance, the problems the Ministry faces, but has limited its coverage of the good things that are evidently occurring that have been recognised by international bodies.She was at the time referring to publications which highlighted disclosures by Cabinet Secretary, Dr Roger Luncheon, that Government had made the decision to procure pirated textbooks for public schools. The move has been described as an indisputably illegal act, by Emma House, International and Trade Director of the Publishers Association Limited (PA), who said that Guyana’s decision was in direct contravention of the local, regional and international laws.“This is perhaps something that we need to discuss as a country,Cheap MLB Jerseys China, so I am not shutting that discussion down,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, but where are you when we can legitimately celebrate the achievements of the Ministry? Not because we want the Ministry’s horns to be blown, but because celebrating the achievements means we are celebrating the children of our country.“Where are you when we need you to highlight that these are the various services children of disability can benefit from?” the Minister asked, as she pointed to the several booths on display yesterday.Regarding the day as special, Chief Education Officer,Cheap Jerseys, Olato Sam,Cheap Jerseys Online, said that the exposition was designed with the idea of putting on display the wide range of services currently available in furthering the broader agenda of inclusive education.? He noted too that the event could not have been possible without the input of well over 50 institutions that have partnered with the Education Ministry’s effort to transform the nation through inclusive education.“These partnerships are invaluable and we must take a minute to applaud all of our sister agencies represented here today (yesterday), and those who continue to support us in this drive to transform this nation we so love. They are active participants in our attempt to lead this nation to a higher level of education and by extension, developmental output,” Sam added.The services on display yesterday ranged from health, various social sectors, edutainment and other forms of the arts. These services, according to Sam, are geared at sensitising the entire nation of what can be done to assist each and every individual to be better represented and to benefit equally.Sam explained that students, teachers and other members of staff with disabilities are now brought into focus with the role the Education Ministry is playing to improve the quality of their lives and to ensure that they have equal rights within the structures of the society.“We as citizens of this nation have a civic responsibility to ensure that even outside of these formal structures we have an enabling environment where all can benefit and equally participate in the society,” he stressed.The event which had a variety of cultural performances was also graced by the presence of Ms. Audrey Michele Rodrigues,Cheap World Cup Jerseys 2018, Programme Officer attached to the United Nations Children Fund (UNICEF), who noted that the UNICEF is “privileged to be working as an equal partner with the Ministry of Education”.A ceremonial release of blue and white balloons by students, some of who are disabled, officially signalled the st
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New England beat the Houston Texans 34-16 in the divisional round and will host the Pittsburgh Steelers in Sunday's AFC championship game,NFL Jerseys China.

He said during a conference call Monday that the decision was what's "best for my family and myself" and that he will stay with the Patriots to focus on this year's playoffs and finish out the season "however it turns out,China NFL Jerseys."
Both McDaniels and Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia have been candidates for teams with open head coaching jobs this offseason after helping lead the Patriots to 14-2 regular season,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys.
FOXBOROUGH,Sale NFL Jerseys, Mass. (AP) — Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels expressed appreciation for the opportunity to interview with the San Francisco 49ers but says for now he will remain in New England.
McDaniels, who was a head coach with the Denver Broncos in 2009 and 2010,Supply Cheap Jerseys, interviewed with the 49ers during the Patriots' bye to open the playoffs. He also interviewed with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
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